Crises et quantification (1)

La prochaine séance du séminaire portera sur « Crises et quantification » et sera co-organisée avec CARR, LSE.

« In many domains, quantification is an essential technology for framing and defining crises. The quantification of heterogeneous phenomenons make them visible, it allows actors to estimate and valuate their effects and render crises tangible. Quantification tools establish criteria and thresholds to define what is a crisis and what is not, what counts as an ‘abnormal’ situation, the extent and consequences of crises. It eventually shapes what is perceived as a crisis through a set of norms, criteria, models, bankruptcy threshold, accounting norms and indicators. These tools are developed and used by states, regulators, but also by experts and private actors (rating agencies, insurance and audit companies, etc.). Reflecting upon quantification and crises can also be a way of analysing processes of economicization or financiarization, reproduction of power asymmetries, and the restructuration of sectors affected by crises (public finance and debt, agriculture, natural resources’ management, etc).

This seminar will raise the following questions: Which expertise play a role? What kind of solutions and regulations are put forward by the numbers produced to assess and define crises ? How does quantification affect the management of crises? To what extent does the quantification of crises drive an economicization of the affected domains ? »

La séance aura lieu à la LSE le 15 décembre, de 11h à 16h30.

Programme :

  • Damien Piron (LSE/Université de Liège): « Better Figures, Sounder Public Finance Policies? Tighter statistical monitoring as a solution to the Eurozone crisis. »
  • David Twardowski (LSE): « Trajectories of quantification at different stages of crisis: the case of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. »
  • Benjamin Lemoine (CNRS, IRISSO) and Pierre-André Juven (IFRIS/Cermes3): « Making public service fallible? The political construction of the economical fragility for public structures and public services. »
  • Andrea Mennicken (CARR/LSE): « Economising Failure, Democratising Failure: Designing a failure regime for NHS hospitals. » (with Liisa Kurunmäki and Peter Miller, CARR/LSE)

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